IoT – Home Security & Automation

IoT for Everyone & Everything is a click away !

klickH is an IoT company focusing on Home Security & Automation products for India. We offer smartphone based control of home Appliances, Lighting & Security.
Our IoT platform enables deployment of Connected Security solutions similar to ADT but at very low cost.

Internet Connected Security Alerts

The connected IoT solution enables for instant alerts in case of emergencies like fire and burglary apart from general notifications like children arrival, power status and security status.

Smart Modes & Mood Lighting

Our IoT solution has multiple modes catering to the changing demands of the users mood and usage patterns. Below are a list of useful modes that your Automated home will have.

  • Away – Turns off all unwanted lights and enables the security system
  • Maid – enables auto turn on and off of lights + fans for sweeping and mopping requirements
  • Romantic – Keeps lights dim and cozy for a movie or reading a book
  • Party – Turns on all the coloured lights in the house
  • Power save – keeps lights to a minimum to help conserve energy

Products – Security & Automation

Security Sensors
Kitchen sniffer – Detects gas leaks and burnt food
Wardrobe Watcher – Analyses usage patterns and deters thefts by informing you in advance. Ask yourself – Do you want to catch a thief or prevent theft ?
Door & Window  Guard – Detects if a door or a window is open or closed, notifications as usual are part of the offering

Appliance/Lighting Controllers
4 Channel LED & Appliance controller
2 Channel Dimmer – compatible with all types of dimmable LED lights. Can dim drivers  from phillips, Iguzzini, OSRAM, Meanwell and many more.

Master Aggregator
Z-Wave to IP gateway – Small and tiny, you won’t know where it is unless we tell you.
Wall mounted touchscreen – Controls security & Lighting, fixes on to existing switch box and looks like a million $$. We can put pictures of your rooms for easy identification.

Android & IoS Apps – They are fully customisable so we can provide the look and feel of your choice. Please note, the default theme we provide is already great !

Our Home Automation & Security products are manufactured and tested for Indian power fluctuations and hence withstand spikes of up to 380Volts. All our sensors are rechargeable and “mileage is at least 4 months“.


  • Security package @ 25,000/-
    • Get immediate alerts when security is breached
  • Add Lighting to above @ 25,000/-
    • Unlimited mood lighting from your smart phone
  • AV room Automation @ 25,000/-
  • Wall mounted touch screen @ 11,999/-
  • Small Office Power saver @ 25,000/-
    • Save up to 10% on power bill by controlling Lights & HVAC intelligently