Products – Security & Automation

Security Sensors
Kitchen sniffer – Detects gas leaks and burnt food
Wardrobe Watcher – Analyses usage patterns and deters thefts by informing you in advance. Ask yourself – Do you want to catch a thief or prevent theft ?
Door & Window  Guard – Detects if a door or a window is open or closed, notifications as usual are part of the offering

Appliance/Lighting Controllers
4 Channel LED & Appliance controller
2 Channel Dimmer – compatible with all types of dimmable LED lights. Can dim drivers  from phillips, Iguzzini, OSRAM, Meanwell and many more.

Master Aggregator
Z-Wave to IP gateway – Small and tiny, you won’t know where it is unless we tell you.
Wall mounted touchscreen – Controls security & Lighting, fixes on to existing switch box and looks like a million $$. We can put pictures of your rooms for easy identification.

Android & IoS Apps – They are fully customisable so we can provide the look and feel of your choice. Please note, the default theme we provide is already great !

Our Home Automation & Security products are manufactured and tested for Indian power fluctuations and hence withstand spikes of up to 380Volts. All our sensors are rechargeable and “mileage is at least 4 months“.